Pennine Care NHS Trust demystifies their content with qualitative feedback

Fixing content gaps with qualitative and quantitative data

A website will never be perfect, but can always be better. React & Share’s speedy and high volume feedback let Digital Communications Officer Daniel Love make immediate improvements to his site and see the immediate impact.

Sometimes, you won’t know what content is used until you ask what it’s missing. Daniel found that many customers were looking at the maps but not finding all the answers. After seeing feedback on this page pile up, Daniel clarified the information on the page.

Since then, negative feedback in this area has slowed down dramatically. Daniel was able to prove he successfully identified and fixed a content gap.

Reporting to management

Not all metrics are made equal, especially when you’re trying to leverage them to prove your worth. React & Share’s qualitative and quantitative feedback make it easy and intuitive, with no complex reporting and data analysis required.

As feedback floods into the Dashboard, so too do the corresponding changes flood your site. How do you present this progress? Daniel used our Export feature to organize feedback into a spreadsheet. Then he added a column that indicated what changes he made based on the feedback.

It doesn’t get any easier than that. He says those straightforward reports earned him “lots of brownie points.”

“I pulled all the feedback into a Word doc to show my manager what we’ve done and the changes we’ve made. My manager loves anything that involves insight, which is a key part of our communications strategy.”

Actionable feedback

Over time, with updates and overhauls, sites can get run down, and there’s no way to expect that every dead link and redirect loop will get caught. When you ask your visitors, you can fix errors you might never catch otherwise.

Daniel caught an overlooked dead link because of customer feedback. Some customers were finding the site through Google after searching for hearing aids, but the link off the Pennine Care site was dead. Those customers left feedback with React & Share asking for more info on hearing aids.

This simple oversight might’ve stuck around for years, frustrating potentially thousands of people looking for hearing aids. Instead, with React & Share’s actionable feedback, Daniel was able to fix the problem and assist his customers.

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