Community Union acts on reader feedback for overwhelmingly positive customer satisfaction

Direct feedback reveals exactly what members are missing

Union members access a huge range of information from Community's website. It's important info too: financial advice and support, medical guidance, legal representation.

Direct member feedback ensures none of their articles lack key information.

What we've learned from React & Share is that things that we thought would go down well haven't, but others that we didn't think would perform work out great. It's really shown us we don't know everything when it comes to content.

Intuitive dashboard means full onboarding in just minutes

Community's content team all have React & Share access — there's no bottleneck. Melantha was able to set her team up in no time at all, just an invite to the Dashboard and they were ready to go.

They were able to figure out the Dashboard in minutes. All they had to do was click around the intuitive layout and they were up to speed.

Between the four members of the team, someone is fielding feedback from React & Share's tool every day.

Automated reports guide writers to success

Because writing responsibilities for the union are spread across many different individual experts, it can be tough to know whose writing is sticking and whose isn't.

With React & Share's weekly and monthly reports, blogs are ranked by engagement and reader reactions. The reports are forwarded to the writing teams with a simple ask: keep doing what's working!

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