Reader data policy

React & Share is used by site owners to analyze the quality and usage of their content and to offer a channel for the end users to give feedback. React & Share is not used to track or identify users. We pour all our efforts into making all data anonymous. We proudly claim that end user privacy is one of our most important competitive advantages.

React & Share does not collect personally identifiable information, but it saves a browser specific random-generated ID as a first party cookie. The cookie is needed for composing analytics and reports for the site owner. It cannot be used to identify users. The cookie is valid for 30 days and is removed automatically upon expiration.

The following data can be associated with the cookie:

  • Timestamp
  • Type of device and browser used
  • Visited pages on the site
  • Time spent on a page
  • From which URL the user browsed to a page
  • What reactions the user gave on a page
  • Where the user shared a page
  • What feedback the user left on a page

A first party cookie is data collected by React & Share that can only be used in the domain of the customer that has the buttons on their site.

Unlike most analytic services, our customers (site owners) own the data, React & Share does not sell or distribute the data to any third party. The site owner is the data controller and their privacy policy defines how they use the data collected with React & Share.

We have signed a Data Protection Agreement with all our customers and we act as a data processor. (The whole agreement, including the DPA, is here:

React & Share does not use third party cookies and therefore cannot combine information about the users between multiple sites.

All data is saved and stored within the European Union and according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and applicable national legislation.