React & Share for Government and the Public Sector

Publishing website content in the public domain and need to know that it’s being found and understood? Let React & Share help your comms and digital teams to share information with those who need it the most. 

What We Do

React & Share’s easy-to-use dashboard and clear reports equip government and public sector organisations with the information needed to make data-driven decisions, founded upon feedback directly from the public. We work with government and public sector organisations globally, including the Finnish Government, the Finnish Defence Forces, Zero Waste Scotland, Helsinki City Library and the Finnish Tax Administration.


The City of Helsinki focus on metrics that matter and create website content that helps the public with React & Share

Through React & Share’s feedback function, readers can let the City know whether they found what they were looking for on the site. If they can’t find the information or understand what they have found, audiences can let the City know.

 We are improving our content based on the user feedback, using data analytics to find out which content is of interest to our users and which is not. The most popular content is then put at the forefront.
  • Jani Merimaa
  • Head of Content and Communications Manager
  • The City of Helsinki

What will React & Share do for you?



Engage with the public and access the right tool to measure your efforts

It’s never been more important for government and public sector organisations of all sizes to have an open and productive dialogue with the public. React & Share not only provides you with immediate access to gain feedback from those who rely on your website content, but allows you to measure the success of your efforts to engage individuals within relevant communities.


Respect privacy and ensure GDPR compliance

Build trust between your organisation and the public by listening to your users rather than tracking them. React & Share is fully GDPR compliant, and we do not sell user preference data to third-party marketers. We believe your data belongs to you, and readers' data belongs to the readers.


Use page-specific feedback to work smarter, not harder

Page-specific feedback gets straight to the heart of your website content. One of our customers, a governmental welfare company, said that:

“Page specific feedback is interesting and valuable because, although we do receive feedback on communication through other channels, it is usually given at such a general level that it can be difficult to take development action based on it"

React & Share empowers comms and digital teams to skip unnecessary steps towards improving their website, handing them the tools they need to take immediate action. And remember, every positive piece of feedback is a customer service call avoided. 

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