React & Share for NHS Trusts and the Healthcare Sector

We’re fortunate enough to be trusted on healthcare pages across the globe. Learn more about how React & Share help the NHS and other care providers to serve those who rely on their website content the most.

What We Do

Through our instant reactive feedback tool, NHS Trusts and other healthcare customers are able to create website content that serves the complex needs of their readers with ease. At the moment, we are proud to work with NHS Pennine Trust, The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, Helsinki University Hospital, The Allergy, Skin and Asthma Association and the Cancer Society of Finland.


NHS Pennine Trust join React & Share to find out what questions their audience need answering

NHS Pennine Trust have our tool up, running and ready for the feedback to start rolling in.

What will React & Share do for you?



Create content that works

Without measuring your website content, how do you know if you’re succeeding in your goal to inform readers? Because of feedback sent through React & Share, Helsinki University Hospitals completely transformed their website, pivoting from dense articles to shorter bursts of content that answer specific questions. Without React & Share, the team at Helsinki University Hospitals would not have realised that their website content wasn’t serving their audience, and would have continued to invest resources in a website that wasn’t working.


Celebrate and replicate your successes

React & Share’s intuitive reaction buttons allow NHS Trusts and healthcare organisations to showcase positive feedback. Comms and digital teams can celebrate and showcase their wins internally and use their unique data to benchmark their successes in the future. Nikke Niemikunnas from Helsinki University Hospitals explains that:

"React & Share’s key functions - from our perspective - are verbal feedback from readers, which we report on to our article writers, monitoring of reaction button presses with special monitoring of negative reaction and tracking article openings and comparing them to our own reporting tools."

In tracking and measuring what really matters, comms and digital teams are able to take control of their work and use feedback to determine their own success. 


Meet your audience’s needs

Creating informational website content that serves the complex needs of a diverse range of audiences is crucial for NHS Trusts and healthcare organisations to succeed in their comms and digital goals. React & Share’s human-centric technology allows you to build and update your website content around what your users say they need, rather than what you might think they need. Paula Narkiniemi, Communications Specialist at The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare says:

“I use React & Share to filter out the best of the feedback and use it to support page development. For example, we updated one of our fact sheets to include more links and detailed information as users had requested more content.”

React & Share lets your audience talk to you, enabling you to refresh your website content to ensure it serves them better.

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