React & Share for Trade Unions and Membership Organisations

Want to measure member engagement and spotlight your successes internally? Here’s how React & Share can help you.

What We Do

React & Share enables membership organisations to engage with their members 24/7, providing high-quality actionable feedback from current and prospective members. We’ve been lucky enough to work with a wide range of successful trade unions and membership organisations across the globe, including Trade Union Pro, Community Union, ProCom, The Finnish Business School Graduates and the Health and Care Professions Council.


Trade Union Pro measure what matters and prove their team’s value internally with React & Share

Since adopting our tool, the comms team at Trade Union Pro have reshaped their comms operations and measured organisational objectives to prove their worth to internal and external stakeholders.

Now we know what we should do again or better. We have good, sought-after content.
  • Katja Palhus
  • Editor-in-Chief of Online Communications
  • Trade Union Pro

What will React & Share do for you?



Increase engagement

From trade unions to associations, React & Share has championed membership groups to communicate better with their members and increase engagement with our intuitive tool and sophisticated dashboard.


Prove your success

React & Share has even enabled trade unions and membership organisations to share their successes internally. Community Union, a trade union that serves anyone of working age, presented the insights gathered by React & Share to their board to prove their worth and highlight the importance of data-driven decision making. 


Move beyond vanity metrics

Our engagement score and reaction features excel beyond vanity metrics to support your goals to grow your membership, engage with your current members and cultivate trust. And, our unique customer satisfaction (CSAT) score hands you the tools to discover just how happy your members are within your organisation. 

Want to make sure that your content is accessible for all of your members? 

Download our free web content accessibility checklist here, based on the latest WCAG advice, to ensure that none of your members are excluded. 


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