React & Share for Emergency Services

Want to connect with your community on a daily basis and show you really care? React & Share is here to help.

What We Do

We’re currently working closely with comms and digital teams in the emergency services arena to monitor their feedback and provide actionable insights to help them to serve their communities better. Through direct feedback, React & Share supports emergency services to build public confidence with website content that answers audiences’ questions. Some of our current customers include the Police of Finland, Bedfordshire Police and Devon and Cornwall Police.


React & Share are a couple of months into our annual partnership with Bedfordshire Police and lots of insightful feedback has been rolling in!

Through React & Share’s customisable reaction buttons, users of the Bedfordshire Police website can provide instant feedback from which the comms and digital team can reshape their website content.

What will React & Share do for you?



Let your community know you’re there for them

Used to running yearly focus groups to check in with your community? This method of engagement can be costly, time-consuming and ineffective at gaining instant reactive feedback from your community. React & Share’s intuitive feedback widgets allow your users to let you know how they feel at the click of a button any time, any day. By embedding the tool within your site, your community will know that you’re listening to them all year round.


Build public confidence

It’s crucial for any emergency service to build public confidence, as the public are a key source of information and your most important stakeholder. React & Share helps comms and digital teams within emergency services to build trust with the public with actionable feedback, ensuring that audiences feel their opinion really matters.


Spotlight your successes

React & Share supports emergency services to benchmark their wins and losses against measurements that really matter, handing you the tools to spotlight your successes to internal and external stakeholders. Our dashboard presents crucial metrics like shares, traffic sources and your customer satisfaction score to demonstrate just how successful your work has been. 

Want to spotlight your successes with measurements that matter? 

Our free Barcelona Principles compliance guide will make sure that you're focusing on the right measurements to demonstrate success in emergency services comms and digital efforts. 


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