We have spent the last four years building human-centered content analytics with our user engagement and feedback metrics. We would like to be clear about how they work and - more importantly, how you can incorporate our analytics to optimize your content strategy.

Our goal in sharing our philosophy is to simplify content performance analysis and to encourage content creators to build data-driven content marketing strategies with our analytics.

Why React & Share?

Our philosophy is simple. Create better content experiences for your customers.

Our content analytics is for content marketers and communications managers to build better content and communication strategy with human-centered data. We activate readers, measure impact and create better performing content. As a result, we can help increase engagement by over 35x.

At React & Share, we believe in taking a human-centered data approach to content creation and strategy. This all starts with planning out your content creation strategy using data and continuously measure the impact by focusing on quality instead of quantity.

We believe that quality content wins over clickbait and SEO fluff any day. As traditional content metrics such as page views and unique views do not necessarily reveal the impact of quality on audience engagement, measuring content using open feedback and engagement score instead is how you can find high-quality and relevant content for your audience.

1. Real human feedback

Content strategy decisions should be based on human-centered, real and relevant data, which is why our one-click reaction buttons sees over 30x more in engagement compared to commenting widgets. This help activate website visitors to express what they think about your articles to help you understand what content connects with your audience in order to personalize content and inform content strategies.

RNS Reaction

2. Engagement Score

At React & Share, you can easily compare which of your articles are performing best and driving the highest engagement from your audience.

RNS Engagement

Our engagement engine and scoring is aggregated data from:

  1. Reading time
  2. Number of shares
  3. Number of reactions

From there, the score between 0 to 10 tells you how engaging an article is. We will calculate the score once the article has reached 50 unique viewers.

Using data analytics in the world of content

There are over 63,000 searches per second on any given day on Google, and every day there are millions of people trying to understand and learn about renewable fuels, medical breakthroughs, government policies, technology trends and more.

This is why we believe in transparent simplicity in content performance analysis. We are GDPR-compliant and do not sell user preference data to third party marketers, which we are really proud of. We believe your data belongs to you, and readers' data belongs to the readers.

Want to learn more? Our team is here to help you get the most from our analytics. You can email us at support@reactandshare.com! Or book a demo with us here.

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