Are you a marketer who wants to take a SaaS product global?

We're a company ready to enter the world stage.

Our focus for the past three years has been on creating a product that the market wants. We're now believe we've found the elusive product/market fit—and it's time to hit the pedal to the metal.

Our mission is to help communications teams understand their audience and create meaningful content. We believe quality content wins over SEO fluff any day. We think understanding your audience through data should be intuitive and inspiring.

Our strategy for the next two years is to scale our sales internationally. As a flowchart it would look like this:

Traditional sales in Finland and Sweden -> Inbound sales globally

Initially your role will be to support our sales reps in Finland and Sweden in a traditional way--by generating warm leads. But our focus will gradually shift to online international SaaS sales where marketing, product, sales and customer support are tied together tightly to form an inbound machine.

This is a key position for us strategically. We're looking for a hands-on marketer with an analytical and strategic mind. Ideally you have experience in SaaS marketing or "growth hacking". In this position you can specialize in an aspect of SaaS marketing or start building your own team. You'll work very closely with our sales, product and customer teams.

What we're looking for

  • Hands-on & analytical approach to marketing ("Full-stack" marketing)
  • Experience in SaaS
  • Fluent English writing

What you get

  • A key position in a fast growing startup (100%+ per year)
  • An open and enterpreneurial work culture—results matter, not where you are
  • Competitive salary with a possible stock option plan

React & Share is a user feedback and content analytics startup located in Helsinki, Finland. We help organizations understand their audience and create meaningful content.

Want to know more? Contact co-founder Timo Virtanen (+358 50 5718185 / We hope to conclude the first round of interviews by mid September, so make sure to contact us quickly!

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