Content analytics doesn't have to be hard

There's a reason it feels like it is, though. Everyone uses Google Analytics, which is notoriously difficult. It's built around an opaque dashboard and complex queries. In other words, it delivers a ton of data to you and asks you to do the hard work.

React & Share doesn't.

We're designed for writers, not  developers

You want to see how the things you write perform, right? You want to know what your readers get out of your content?

You have to go three layers deep away from the homepage to get that in Google Analytics. Not on our dashboard.

You'll see that info right in the Overview and in the content-dedicated Article view. We give you the title, author, date published, category, and more — not just the URL, like Google Analytics.

Intuition is efficiency

And it's probably how you got to where you are. Writers have good intuition. That means you'll make good use of React & Share. What little there is to learn is done on a tiny, gentle slope and then it's smooth strolling.

You don't lose any advanced functionality, either. This is what an article looks like on the dashboard:

Sorting and filtering, which required advanced skills in Google Analytics, only requires clicking on whatever column you want to manipulate. Want to sort by most reactions? Click the arrow in the top bar. Most viewers? Same thing.

We can get more complex. Let's say you wanted to view all the articles in the past month that got more than 2000 views and 150 reactions. That's just three clicks.

One for the time span, one to filter views, and one to filter reactions. Speaking frankly, I don't even know how you'd get the same data in Google Analytics, but it would be quite a bit more than three clicks.

Sounds easy, but I want easier.

We’re also fans of lightening the load. Some people don’t have time to mess with a dashboard, no matter how simple. That’s what Reports are for. 

Reports will generate a beautiful spread of useful data every day, week, or month and ship it out to as many emails as you want. It’ll do some heavy lifting, such as picking up on the most viewed, most reactive, and most engaging content (a secret sauce we cook up based on our reaction and behavior data).

Many of our users will build an email list of all their writers and editors and push the reports out to all of them. They find the reports so useful that they rarely need the dashboard itself. They can take the data on a weekly basis and revise, update, and plan their future content around it.

We don't sell you or your readers

Google Analytics is free, with a caveat: they control your data. Readers that find their way onto GA tracked sites will have a cookie installed in their browser — a cookie owned by Google.

React & Share will install a cookie owned by you, the customer. We don’t store any reader data aside from the bare minimum needed to let you track reader behavior — and that doesn’t include any personal data.

This is a personal point of pride for us, and we make an effort to communicate this fact both to potential customers and readers who happen upon our buttons.

React & Share has an entirely different business model. You pay for ownership of your data and to secure the privacy of your users, and you’re not sacrificing any functionality to do it.