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Comms Corner: The highs and lows of communications in local government with Camilla Mankabady

Hayat Rachi
Posted by Hayat Rachi on Apr 22, 2021 5:59:59 PM

Welcome to the Comms Corner, a video series by React & Share where we check in with inspiring comms leaders at the forefront of the industry. 

For our first episode of the Comms Corner, we checked in with Camilla Mankabady, Director of Communications at Liverpool City Council, to get our teeth stuck into the elements that make local government comms campaigns and teams successful. 

“Look around you. Keep your eyes open. Understand why you like something, and why a message didn’t land with you. Is it you as an individual, or because that message didn’t speak to anyone?”

Camilla steered the Liverpool City Council comms department throughout the COVID crisis and the nation’s first launch of lateral flow tests for everyone.

“When you’re working on events that are so critical and of such national importance, events that are the first ones of their type, you know that you’ve got to get it right”

Delve in to uncover key insights from her unique experience, and find out more about measuring success, nudge theory, breaking down silos and the importance of always learning in the local government sphere.

👇 Watch the video below! 

Comms Corner with Camilla Mankabady


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