Terveyskylä is a healthcare network that provides medical information and support for everyone in Finland. With React & Share, the team is able to improve their content quality with our engagement tools and actionable analytics.

Recognizing that providing the best patient experience transcends beyond the interactions patients have with doctors, nurses, and staff in hospitals, an integral component of high-quality healthcare is about providing easy access to information such as pre and post-treatment for potential patients.

With over 130,000 reactions on Terveyskyla.fi and a high volume of feedback (3,000+), developing content that helps patients understand the service Terveyskylä provides is important to streamline the information provided by the nurses and the website. 

As Product Manager at Terveyskylä, Tiina Granberg-Hakala works closely with Riitta Jansson, who is responsible for reporting the content feedback to improve Terveyskylä's services and transforming the care experience with React & Share. 

“Finding a systematic way for us to manage our content for our prospective patients is the main reason we are using React & Share.  - said Tiina. 

There has been a 10x increase in content engagement in the last 7 months, and that is vital for us in order to achieve our strategic goal of unifying the Health Village content and improving our services.

Content Analysis and Feedback Made Easy with React & Share


Integrated and customizable reaction buttons on Terveyskylä.fi

A significant amount of time and money is spent on content production, reporting and feedback management. Putting their prospective patients and website users at the center of their content strategy, the team needed content analytics tools to help them increase the content quality and improve the accessibility of information on Terveyskylä.fi.

“We are using Google Analytics and our own feedback forms to uncover our most-read articles and to understand what type of feedback we are getting. However, we do not think Google Analytics is intuitive.” said Tiina.

“At the moment we have over 30 users and a technical team going through the feedback we get on Terveyskylä.fi. Not only do the reactions and engagement help us understand our content better, we are able to assign feedback easily with React & Share, which has helped in saving time and increasing productivity for our team.” said Tiina.

The next 11 months at Terveyskylä

With major plans to kick start the Health Village Standard Project in 2020, Tiina and her team will be using React & Share to systematically review and develop their pages in the next 11 months.

”We love that the feedback management process from our content is more automated now. With content analytics from React & Share, we are able to understand which articles are working and where to improve based on the feedback.” said Tiina.



About Terveyskylä

The Health Village is a network of specialized medical care developed in cooperation with patients. It provides information and support to citizens, patient care and tools for professionals. It is a service developed in partnership with the Helsinki University Hospital.

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