Saebo allocates significant time and money to content production, promotion and deployment. With React & Share the team has been able to easily identify which type of content satisfies customers best and leads to sales.

For patients suffering from neurological or orthopedic disorders following a stroke, the road to recovery is a challenging and often expensive journey. Thankfully, the Charlotte, North Carolina-based Saebo is here to bring independence to those in need. With an unwavering mission to transform lives, Saebo is committed to supporting sufferers during their at-home path to rehabilitation.

Recognizing that treatment options for those suffering from a stroke or decreased mobility had officially plateaued, the founders of Saebo revolutionized the industry in the rehabilitation sector through its vast network of Saebo-trained technicians. And over the past ten years, they've shared their expert knowledge online, creating an invaluable resource that now generates the greatest share of its revenue.

With 70K to 170k monthly visits to their website, creating content that satisfies Saebo's consumers' needs, optimizes their user experience and establishes Saebo as an authority figure is vital to converting potential buyers and retaining existing customers.

And with such a successful blog, feedback from Saebo's content not only drives purchases but also influences future marketing campaigns such as email, display and beyond. But identifying which type of content engages best hasn't always been as simple as it is today.

Our content really is the largest source of any traffic coming to our website. Users are finding that high-quality content, and using the React & Share software is just a way to monitor our highest performing asset.

With three or four blogs in production per month, Saebo allocates significant time and money to content production, promotion and deployment. Katie emphasized that “each of Saebo's blogs takes anywhere from two to three weeks to complete. And then once we've got it, we're blasting it out in email campaigns, we're putting it on social media. So that's another couple of hours per day just to promote the different blogs.”

Knowing this, it's vital that the marketing department be able to easily identify which type of content satisfies customers best and leads to sales.

How can we accelerate our user's recovery process? What type content do readers crave most? Do they prefer reading or watching our content? It's important for Saebo to translate their cutting-edge standards online by offering supportive information for patients and their carers throughout their recovery process.

Unsure how to seamlessly capture and measure content engagement, Saebo turned to React & Share to obtain a better understanding of their blog's performance. After a quick and simple installation of Reaction Buttons on their Wordpress website, Saebo was able to receive specific feedback on their vast library of content thanks to weekly reports that clearly identify their most engaging content, and measure sentiment and engagement.

Simplifying Content Engagement & Feedback Capturing

As the Director of Digital Marketing at Saebo, Katie Cousins wears many hats. From Salesforce workflow programming to content development and email marketing, Katie is responsible for monitoring, budgeting and managing all of Saebo's various advertising campaigns.

Having looked to React & Share, she's now able to save time in identifying what content to continue producing by determining the pieces that deliver the highest engagement. “[Without React & Share] we wouldn't have as much insight into what blogs are performing well, especially the newer ones that we produce, what the potential ROI of that content might be or the longevity of the piece itself,” she said.

With a blog that spans video, exercise guides, how-to articles and more, understanding the type of content that drives high engagement and satisfies readers can be a daunting task. But with React & Share, feedback on Saebo's content is immediate and clear-cut, and thanks to accompanying social sharing buttons, there was no need for Katie to seek out another third-party tool to drive organic social amplification.

By activating readers with customizable Reaction Buttons, Saebo is not only able to capture feedback but this additional step conveys just how much they care about satisfying their users' needs — adding an additional dimension of care to their content marketing!

Katie, for example, utilises Reaction Buttons to determine which pieces of content include language that may be too complex for its readers to comprehend. “We do take a look at those and see which blogs might need a little bit of fine tuning,” she explained.

Content Performance Analysis Made Easy

For Katie, React & Share buttons are tools that fill the gap left by robust measuring software such as Google Analytics. “We can obviously see which blogs have the most traffic coming in, and which are generating the most organic search traffic,” Katie said. “But aside from that, we don't know once they get there, how they feel about the piece.”

With our Facebook-like reactions, Katie can gauge the usefulness of any blog content via the React & Share dashboard without pulling multiple reports. “The dashboard is super easy to use, easy to read, especially for people who aren't so tech savvy, I think that the numbers and the way that it's all displayed is very straightforward,” Katie insisted. “It is saving me time in understanding our target audience and what they need and what they're doing, and how to optimize their experience.”

Looking ahead at Saebo

With major plans to introduce new products for a new type of Saebo customer in the next 12 months, Katie is looking forward to using insights from React & Share analytics to craft her marketing strategies and develop targeted content.

She's also looking to optimize the success of existing campaigns with the continued feedback and engagement analytics from React & Share buttons: "We've been cleaning up all of our digital advertising campaigns over the last several months using tools like React & Share," she told us. "Really just better understanding the customer journey, how we fit into it, how to make it more seamless and streamlined for both the patient and for our sales team."

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