The Moomins are the central characters in a series of books and comic strips created by Finnish illustrator Tove Jansson in the 1940s. Today, it is a well-beloved global brand with presence not only in the Nordics, but also the United Kingdom, United States, Japan, India, Nepal and more.

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the first Moomin story and also the launch of the #OURSEA campaign.

We spoke with Tiina Liukkonen, Chief Communications Officer, to learn more about how they are using React & Share for their content and communication strategy. As Chief Communications Officer at Moomin, she is responsible for running the webstore and the official Moomin communication channels.

Increasing the conversations and stories people have about the Moomins in the digital world

One of Moomins' goals is to increase the conversations and stories people have about the Moomins in the digital world. To achieve that, creating engaging content is vital for their business.

The Moomin blog highlights the Moomin characters, product announcements, events, news and more. Understanding the type of content that drives high engagement can be a time-consuming endeavor. However, with React & Share, understanding Moomin’s content performance has never been easier.

“Previously we were only using Google Analytics but found that we were missing pure feedback on our content, which is why we decided to use React & Share in order to get better insights on our most engaging content. As a company, our collection of books and comics have been recreated into TV series, movies and so on.  And that means we have a rich library of content that we publish on a regular basis. Since using React & Share, we have seen an increase in our blog engagement. Our blog posts such as the Moominvalley series and #OURSEA have been well-received based on the number of reactions and engagement score.” said Tiina. 

React & Share for Moomin - How the Team uses React & Share

Having customizable Moomin reaction buttons is important for Moomin as a brand and company.
2020- Moomin - Laptop

After a quick and simple installation of the Moomin Reaction Buttons on their website, Moomin saw an increase in engagement from the reactions and social shares.  

“Before React & Share, we were just measuring our content performance with hard data from Google Analytics - page visits, bounce rate etc. Now, we are able to blend data from React & Share into our content and communication plans. With these reaction buttons, it is easy for the fans to tell us what they think and how they feel about the articles published on - and that is useful for us.” said Tiina.

Tiina emphasizes using React & Share has been a natural part of her content creation process. “We usually see engagement within the first half hour after publishing an article. After distributing and promoting it on our social channels,I go to the end of the story to see what kind of reactions we get , the amount of reactions we are getting and the overall sentiment (positive or negative).” said Tiina.

For example , with React & Share, we uncovered that our fans love learning about Snufkin’s Family Tree. Knowing that 10% of our website visitors have reacted allows us to better understand what is interesting for our fans which provides strategic insight for the company.

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Value-based Data for Moomin

“The Moomin stories emphasize values such as family, respect for nature, understanding and empathy. Our philosophy in content and communications is to create based on these values.” said Tiina.

Tiina continues - “Being able to measure and track if our readers are in sync with our values is really valuable for us because if an article awakens lots of emotions, we know that our content has been effective and engaging enough.” 

With over 20,000 reactions from just their blog, Tiina shares that she will be using React & Share even more this year.  “When we create content, we build it upon the Moomin values, and with content analytics from React & Share, it helps us in making sure we are building a data-driven 360-degree content experience for our fans which will ultimately drive business impact.”


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