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Terveyskylä.fi - Etusivulle

Helsinki University Hospitals rebuilds their "health village" with help from React & Share

HUS' content team updated and reformatted over 5,000 articles during their 2020 website refresh. Their site, Terveyskylä or "health village", is a encyclopedia of medical information, organized into topic hubs like pain management and medicine. They used invaluable reader feedback collected by React & Share to direct their efforts, building a beautiful website that satisfies their customers by serving them the information they need in an easy-to-read format.

"Our site is like the common ground for the customers to come and find the answers they may be looking for, and that's why we are using React & Share feedback: to get the questions we need to answer.

  • Anne Saarinen
  • Website manager
  • Helsinki University Hospitals

Direct feedback for every article

Because of reader feedback sent through React & Share, HUS totally restructured their content.

Before their refresh, they would write long, dense articles packed with information. The articles could take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes to read. Readers found this information difficult to plow through.

HUS learned this through direct feedback with React & Share. They've since split their content into smaller articles, answering only a few questions in each article.

Feedback is organized by article, with tools that let you assign specific requests out to your team.

Organized dashboard for instant insights

Each topic hub gets it's own category in the React & Share Dashboard. With 49 total hubs, this feature is critical for HUS' website. Each hub has its own content team of experts and editors that need to see React & Share data.

Categories help teams manage only the feedback they're responsible for. Clear away the noise. Let your team work as efficiently as possible.

React & Share can sort your data into categories to let you and your team navigate your content as it appears on your site.

Accurate sentiment polling

HUS relies on React & Share's content improvement tools because they are the most accurate out there. Site-wide surveys and NPS questionnaires typically draw overwhelming negative responses.

React & Share's easy, intuitive reaction buttons mean readers will gladly let you know how they felt, including positive feedback! HUS can celebrate and copy their successes, rather than fielding only angry survey responses.

Readers love to click the React & Share reaction buttons at the end of HUS' articles.

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