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The next step in the evolution of marketing: the content experience

Pua Sze Yuen
Posted by Pua Sze Yuen on Jan 7, 2020 2:00:00 PM



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Content is at the center of all we do in marketing, whether we are creating the content or leveraging it to meet our goals - the importance of content is crucial to driving growth. That typically means driving qualified traffic, generating demand for products, and moving prospects down the funnel and towards a buying decision.

We are now living in a world beyond understanding the content impact to actually think about how that content is experienced and consumed by prospective customers.

But what is the content experience?

Content experience is how your audience consumes your content, and what they think and feel when they consume the content. It is the understanding your prospects and customers have when learning about your product in their journey with your company.

Why is the Content Experience Important?

As a marketer or a communicator, content experience should always be the center of your strategy. Anywhere your content can be encountered, it is an experience. That could be your blog or resources page. When a prospect downloads a case study on your website, that is a content experience. When they watch a video and decides to subscribe to your Youtube channel, that is a content experience.

Taking content experience into account is a key part of managing your customer experience.

All of these touchpoints adds up to how your audience - be it prospects or customers - feels about your company. This is crucial to establish a meaningful relationship between them and you, which is important in driving growth.

How to Manage Your Content Experience?

Content experience is the evolution of content marketing. As we are building out content experiences in a data-driven world, strategic content marketing goes beyond just content production, because it involves the measurement and development of the content experience.

Instead of focusing solely on quantitative data such as page downloads and bounce rates, you should use human-based, qualitative metrics to measure the success of your content. By collecting qualitative feedback, you can continually improve your customers' content experience. Tools such as React & Share can be used to evaluate the performance of your content. 



How to Improve Your Content Experience?

It's a good idea to focus on developing your content experience, as it gives you data-driven feedback on what content works for your audience. This way, you can provide your customers with high quality, engaging content that meets their needs.

Some Ideas To Improve Your Content Experience

1. Add reaction and social sharing buttons at the end of your articles to get feedback

2. Highlight the articles with the highest engagement score to anticipate your customers' behavior and content needs

3. Recommend content to your customers that could be most relevant to them. For example, stories with a lot of social sharing and reactions have inspired your audience to act.

4. Personalize content suggestions based on what your customers have read in the past

The content experience is all about creating value for potential and new customers. Developing a content experience creates the foundation for building lasting customer relationships.

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