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Oliver Ellis on working in an NHS Trust during the pandemic and the importance of being insights-driven

We caught up with Oliver Ellis, External Communications Officer at North Bristol NHS Trust, to delve deeper into the...

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Christina Milner on the trial of social media during the pandemic

Christina Milner, web and digital content manager for Durham University, shares with us her journey in comms and...

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Jenny Pratt on the many disciplines under comms and qualitative information

Jenny Pratt, head of communications at the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health, joins us...

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How Website Feedback Tools Can Improve External Communications in 2021

When you publish content on your website, how do you know if your readers leave the page feeling informed, or...

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Embedding Empathy in Internal and External Communications

Internal and external comms are two different beasts, with two very different sets of needs to drive and achieve...

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Christian Cubitt on what makes a good communicator and how to become one

Christian Cubitt, director of communications and engagement at RICS, joins us for a chat on the incredible places...

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6 Barriers to Effective External Communication and How to Overcome Them

Strong, clear and impactful external comms are crucial for organisations to be recognised and effective within the...

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Amy Huntley on finding a comms champion and cultivating diplomacy

Amy Huntley, head of digital and communications at the Banking Standards Board, joins us to chat about the role of...

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Passion or Pushiness? #ChooseToChallenge Assumptions About Women in Comms

For this year’s International Women’s Day #ChooseToChallenge theme, we spoke to some stand-out women in comms to...

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