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How to Create Better Content- Introducing the New Dashboard - React & Share

Timo Virtanen
Posted by Timo Virtanen on Dec 17, 2019 8:22:10 AM

One of the biggest projects we’ve worked on this year is ready to launch - introducing... the new React & Share dashboard! 🚀

Our previous dashboard version was designed three years ago.

It was built for bloggers on a premise of being mobile-friendly and that understanding what readers think is all our customers would need.

While not completely wrong, we’ve learnt a lot over the three years.

▫️ Real user feedback is extremely valuable, which is why we added a feedback functionality
▫️ Customers would like to stay on brand, which is why we made customizing the reaction and share widgets easier
▫️ To keep the team informed of daily trends, we created a Live! feature
▫️ Keeping the team and management aligned is important, which is why we created a reporting feature


Reports on the dashboard

Snappier, Easier, More Intuitive Experience

As a marketer or communications manager, you’re often tasked with creating content and trying to understand which content works. The analysis can be time consuming because you’ve got to dive into the data with Google Analytics, see what’s going on, and make tweaks to optimize results.

Today, we’re delighted to announce a redesigned dashboard, making it easier to understand how your content is performing and quickly optimize for better quality content. This new interface will deliver a clean and intuitive experience.

We set out to create a better dashboard experience with three goals:

◼️ Make everything feel (even more) intuitive, crisp and snappy
◼️ Allow customers to easily onboard themselves if they so choose
◼️ Create a future-proof structure that allows for adding features in an understandable manner


A snapshot of the dashboard

A revolution under the hood

There’s also been a revolution under the hood.

We switched from a dated AngularJS 1.6 to ReactJS, and there are many tremendous benefits:

▫️It helps us deliver improvements and additions our customers want much faster than before

▫️Changing the front-end framework also made the user interface much snappier

▫️ Hiring and getting new developers on board is much easier and quicker


Start your free trial

Lots of development in our roadmap for 2020

We have some great things in the pipeline for next year:

▫️Time filter - our most awaited feature! You can easily filter the article data based on time. You can, for example, see which articles from a specific author were the most engaging last month or which evergreen stories got the most feedback yesterday

▫️Custom reports- want to get reports only from your news content? Maybe you want them daily or just after each quarter? No problem, the custom reports will help you achieve all those goals.

▫️Content recommendations - want to keep your visitors engaged for longer or help them find relevant content? Content recommendations is the widget for you.

▫️And of course last but not least - we’re working on automated actionable insights that will help you steer your content creation to reach and exceed your targets.


And more.. We’re very excited for 2020 and feel we have a great set of tools for all data-driven communications & marketing teams!


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