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From Philosophy to Action: Data to Guide Your Content Experience

Pua Sze Yuen
Posted by Pua Sze Yuen on Nov 29, 2019 11:28:00 AM



“What kind of content is working for our business?”

“Which content is driving conversions for us?”
“What does our audience care about on our blog?”

Boost Your Content Strategy with Data

We have spent the last four years building human-centered content analytics with our user engagement and feedback metrics.

As there is an exponential growth of digital content globally, we believe that incorporating a data-focused approach into your content strategy can help you determine whether, and to what degree, your content is connecting with its target audience, but also how data can help guide your content creation process upfront.

Finding the Content People Really Cared About

These are the questions our customers usually ask:

  1. What articles are driving the most impact?

  2. How can we generate more leads with our content?

  3. Are we providing relevant information on our website?

  4. How can we build better content experiences for our customers and be the top-of-mind brand in our industry?


2019- Content

As a marketer or a communicator, content experience should always be the center of your strategy. Anywhere your content can be encountered, it is an experience. That could be your blog or resources page. When a prospect downloads an ebook on your website, that is a content experience. When they watch a video and decides to subscribe to your Youtube channel, that is a content experience.

We define content experience as a comprehensive understanding on what people think and feel while consuming any content.

All of these touch points adds up to how your audience - be it prospects or customers - feels about your company. The content experience is a key part of managing customer experience as a whole.

This is crucial to establish a meaningful relationship between them and you, which is important in driving growth.

You can already start measuring the performance by getting feedback from your articles and build your strategy from there.  But always remember to keep your users or customers at the center of your content strategy!

Installing the React & Share buttons is as simple as installing the Google Analytics tracking code. Check out some examples here.

New to React & Share?

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