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3 Reasons Why You Should Measure Your Content

Pua Sze Yuen
Posted by Pua Sze Yuen on Dec 3, 2019 10:06:48 AM




If you’re ready to start measuring content in your own organization, don’t be limited by what currently exists.

Measuring content can be simple. Fortunately, there are tools out there (such as React & Share!) to help you analyze your content experience easily, understand what topics are working so that you can focus on creating content that matters for your prospects or audience.

Always start with defining what the goals of your content are and then work your way down to the KPIs which maps to your organizational and business goals.

There are three reasons why you should start measuring your content:

1. Drive Sales

Which content is driving sales for you? Attribute your content impact to understand how content influences conversions. Help your stakeholders understand that content marketing does more than creating awareness when the data suggests that it can inspire customers to take action. Your content should be an encompassing experience that engages the customer throughout their entire buyer journey. 

Read more about how we Saebo has been able to drive revenue growth with an optimized content strategy here. 

2. To Influence

Is your communication or content strategy effective? While monitoring your content (eg- social media, media coverage), measure your communication impact to understand how your content is influencing consumers’ behavior or even government policies

3. Support Customer Experience

Are your articles clear enough for your customers to understand? Measure your content performance and design better content experiences for your customers. Improve your customers’ journey with tailored and personalized content recommendations informed by data. 

The bottom line is - don’t be afraid to start. 

Companies are now using content to do more than create awareness or brand health. They’re using it to directly drive revenue, become more cost-efficient and personalize the customer experience. 

Being data-driven from the get go with your content strategy is how you would be able to understand if your content are indeed achieving its goals or not. By doing so, you have actionable insights for your content experience and can continue creating content that matters for your business.

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